“The Belko Experiment”-Review:

It’s a game of kill or be killed for 80 employees locked in their corporate office building in Columbia. An ominous voice comes over the intercom instructing them on the rules of this twisted game.

The Belko Experiment was an interesting premise on the surface. A mix of Battle Royal, Office Space, and The Hunger Games. It turned out to be the most generic, low end version of all those films. The performances aren’t what you’re going to this movie for. Nothing memorable on that front. It’s all pretty generic and cheesy. One group is super peaceful and don’t want to kill anyone. One group is over violent, and just want to kill to get the game over with. Picture those two sides, but the most stupid, over the top portrayal.

As for the script, again, very generic with no real thing that makes it different from anything else. It comes as a bit of a surprise considering James Gunn wrote this script. There’s no massive twist. This story goes exactly how you think it will. If you watch the trailer you’ve seen the movie.

There’s even the obligatory sequel set up. I’m okay, you can keep this would be franchise on ice. The kills were super generic. The employees go crazy and over the top with five minutes left to go. A little to late for me to care about these kills.

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