“Beauty and the Beast (2017)”-Review:

An adaptation of the beloved Disney fairytale. The story of a prince turned monster and a young woman falling in love.

The live action Disney adaptations have all been hits so far. From Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh was beautiful from a visual standpoint, as was Lily James’s portrayal of the classic character. Fast forward to last year with Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book. A massive accomplishment, the scenery being shot on a blue screen, and looking like you’re in the middle of the jungle was just amazing. Here we are, the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Will it live up to the original, or even the other live action successes?

It may have seemed like an impossible task out of the gate, but Beauty and the Beast captures that magic of its predecessor. You’ll be blown away. Gotta start with the music. I had my reservations about Emma Watson, and if she could really knock those songs out of the park. Watson is better than I could’ve imagined. She’s a world class actress. You get wrapped up in Belle’s journey of finding herself and her relationship with the Beast. Emma Watson is magnetic.

You’ll really buy the relationship between Belle and the Beast. It’s a bit of a slower progression than the original. The chemistry between Dan Stevens and Emma Watson was spot on. It was believable. It could’ve came off a bit contrived but it all felt natural. Stevens mo cap work was great. His facial expressions really shined through. The CGI of the Beast looked great too. I didn’t think it was cheesy or unbelievable.

Luke Evans was a perfect Gaston. Every unlikable trait that character possesses, Evans plays up on. He also has a good voice. The Gaston song was one of my favorite performances. Gad’s LeFou coupled with Evans’s Gaston was a strong pairing.

There’s a family element with the household items that really was heartwarming. Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts are as brilliant today as they were in the original. The star studded supporting cast of Ewan Mcgregor, Ian McKellan, and Emma Thompson all bring their A game.

Beauty and the Beast is pure magic. You’ll find yourself thrust back into that familiar world. You’ll feel the same love, and warmth in your heart for Belle and the Beast.

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