“Franchise Retrospective: Beauty and the Beast (1991)”

Beauty and the Beast is a highly anticipated film. Massive pre sales and sold out shows has built up the excitement more and more. That being said, these live action Disney remakes are always met with the same premature outrage until you actually see the movie. Cinderella staring Lily James was incredible. As was The Jungle Book. In my Franchise Retrospective I’ll be reviewing the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast.

On its surface it’s a great film for kids. They become swept up in the magic of the scenery, and of course the music. The songs are so catchy. Any young boy or girl is going to want to sit through Beauty and the Beast for a second or third viewing. Rewatch ability isn’t really talked about. In this case I think it’s one of the most important points. Whether it’s the singalong edition or the theatrical cut, Beauty and the Beast is infinitely rewatch able.

The story and message of the film is what I think adults can really admire. The Beast was a selfish man who couldn’t control his anger. He’d be turned back into a human if he falls in love with a woman, and she too falls in love with him.

I love the supporting cast of characters as well. Lumire, Gaston, and Lefou are all fun in their own way. As much as you love Belle and the Beast, you’ll fall head over heels for the other characters as well. Not really Gaston, but you can appreciate how good of a foil he is.

It’s really about looking past a loved ones faults and finding the best in someone. You can really get behind that. The final dance number, with Angela Lansbury singing her heart out to the title tune. There aren’t a lot of scenes in the animated genre better than that.


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