“Weekend Box Office Report: March 10-12”

Kong: Skull Island $61M

Kong outperformed expectations with this $61M haul. It was pegged at around $45M-$55M. A seismic improvement on the forecast. However, its predecessor Godzilla (2014) took in $93.1M in week one. A decent drop off, but nothing to concern yourself with. Kong is a cinematic icon, which leads me to the worldwide weekend total of $142M. This monster movie franchise is off to a roaring start. If you stayed after the credits, you were treated with a little tease of what’s to come. Exciting things are ahead.

Kong Skull Island full review:


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Logan $37.5M

It took just five short days for Logan to cross $100M at the box office. In ten days it crossed $150M. An incredible feat for the newest X-Men flick. Forecasts gave Logan becoming the largest grossing film of 2017, soon passing Lego Batman. It’s deserving of multiple viewings. You won’t see another superhero film that is this grounded, and true to life. It’s a stacked year for superhero films. Will Logan remain at the top, or will it be knocked off by a web slinger or an Amazonian warrior?

Logan full review:


Get Out $21M

Jordan Peele has a massive hit on his hands. This is such a great directorial debut. Not just in quality, but box office appeal. It’s made $111M, the budget was a measly $4.5M. There’s no stopping Get Out. Blumhouse has mastered the art of budgeting a film to maximize its profits. It’s made almost 25x it’s budget. Try wrapping your head around that. Incredible!

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The Shack $10M

Faith based movies always do well. Couple that with the popularity of the book, and you have a decent couple of weeks at the box office. It’ll hang around for a week or so and then fall out of the top five. Too many blockbusters are coming out for this to hover around much longer.

The Lego Batman Movie $7.8M

Lego Batman is such a fun film. The throwbacks to the other movies in the Batman franchise were hilarious. Anyone can enjoy this. Batman fans young or old will get something different from it. Until a new animated feature comes along, Lego Batman will hang around the five spot.

Lego Batman full review:


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