“Kong Skull Island”-Review:

A team of scientists, soldiers, and adventurers come together to explore a mythical island in the Pacific. They are unaware of what inhabits the island. The mythical Kong and an array of other monsters.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the star here. The direction is spot on. Visually it’s bright, and it pulls you in. He shoots the Skull Island setting brilliantly. Whether it’s a bloody Kong hand on a mountain, or a graphic killing of a solider. Each moment has a certain visual flare that Vogt-Roberts brought to this film.

Skull Island is captured beautifully, but what about the fight scenes? Absolutely incredible. Kong crushes these monsters at every turn. Some moments he looks like a masterful boxer, in others he just tosses these creatures effortlessly. That’s what you’re going out to see. You want Kong to go crazy on everything that’s in front of him. The film succeeds in that regard. Definitely a fun watch.

As far as everything else, it’s all serviceable. It’s good to see Hiddleston and Larson, but they don’t really have a lot of character development. Their performances are fine, but they serve the purpose of getting us through until a Skull
Crawler or Kong pops back up. I wasn’t enthralled but they kept my attention. I really enjoyed Jason Mitchell here. He has a lot of comedic moments with Shea Whigham, both are soldiers also on the island. I really enjoyed their back and forth.

Heavyweights Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman also are in the forefront. Jackson has a lot more to sink his teeth into as an actor. Preston Packard really thrives when he’s given direction, once that happens he’s laser focused. Jackson played that hard ass military character very well. Goodman plays adventurer Bill Randa, he and Houston Brooks (Cory Hawkins) are the reason for the visit to Skull Island. Both are good in the film, serve the purpose of getting us to the island. I don’t really need more than that.

I think John C. Riley as Hank Marlow, a native of Skull Island was hilarious. He’s so ingrained in that world, and the way he breaks it down for the newbies was funny. It’s a bit cheesy, but a good change of pace at the same time.

I have to shout out Toby Kebbel as well. He plays a solider in the film, but more importantly his face is motion captured for Kong. The performance is great. He conveys a lot through his facial expressions. Not quite as much as his portrayal of Koba in Planet of the Apes, but really good in its own right.

Kong: Skull Island is a blast. From start to finish you get great visuals and incredible fight scenes. Make sure to stay after the credits.


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