“Weekend Box Office Report: March 3-5”

Logan $85M

Absolutely no surprise at the top. It drastically outperformed expectations. The Wolverine and X-Men Apocalypse both came in at $65M in their opening weekends. Those two films were met with relatively mixed reviews, where Logan was met with universal praise. The film is outstanding. It has a Mad Max: Fury Road feel visually, with an emotional gripping story. Hugh Jackman cemented his place atop the cinematic hero world.

Logan full review:


Get Out $26M

I thought Lego Batman would’ve held strong at two, but the word of mouth for Get Out has been spreading like wild fire. People loved this, hence its minuscule week two drop. Jordan Peele is a visionary, and this film showed off his ability to blend multiple genres into one great flick. A thriller first, with some great comedic moments to match. I hope Peele continues to direct, especially in this horror/thriller genre. He has the mind for it.

Get Out full review:


The Shack $16M

Faith based dramas always perform well at the box office. They crush on group ticket sales, with Churches making a trip out of seeing the film. A 16M haul is great for The Shack. It was made for $26M so it will make money for sure. It definitely hit home with the Christian demographic.

Lego Batman 11.7M

The animated D.C. film will continue to hang around at the box office. There isn’t anything else for kids to see, and it’ll stay that way for a good while. A good animated film will always linger in the top five.

Lego Batman full review:


Before I Fall $5M

I’m happy that this film cracked the top five. It’s a lot better than I thought it’d be. It’s far from that same old YA trope. Usually YA involves some contrived love story, but Before I Fall isn’t that. It’s about finding yourself and becoming a better person. The acting is great here too. Zoey Deutch is a superstar, and she should blow up after a performance like this. It’s always good to see Halston Sage getting roles, and she fits right in that popular girl high school role. This film is definitely worth your time.

Before I Fall review:



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