“Before I Fall”-Review:

February 12 seems to be a normal day for Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch), until tragedy strikes. She’s now living out the same day and now must unravel the mystery as to why.

Before I Fall is a moving film. It’s about finding yourself, dealing with the consequences of your actions, and how you overcome them. Sometimes when you hear something is based on a young adult novel, you become a bit cautious. Not the case with this film. I was pleasantly surprised. The performances are solid throughout. Zoey Deutch is a fantastic actress, and her chops are on display here. If she isn’t believable, this whole thing falls on its face. You have to buy into her shock, fear, and wonder of the situation. It could’ve been very cheesy, but she shows all the emotion you’d expect on her face. Her facial expressions are incredible. Can’t stress that enough. Without saying a word you can feel her pain. I loved everything about her performance.

Director Ry-Russo Young, could’ve slipped up and made this film cheesy, unbelievable and laughable frankly. She doesn’t, it really plays as a thrilling look into a teen’s choices. It’s a bit repetitive, you’re watching the same day over and over but as that happens you learn more about the characters and peel back their layers. Every time Kingston lives the same scenario, it feels unique in some ways. One day she plays it sweet and kind, and I’m another she’ll play it like an ice queen.

Watching Kingston change her life for the better, while trapped in the same day was compelling. Maybe my expectations were low, but I was invested in the characters, and moved by the story and message it sent.


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