In the near future, an older Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for a sick Professor X (Patrick Stewart) at a hideout near the Mexican border. Logan’s attempts at secrecy are dashed when a young mutant arrives. She’s being pursued by some bad people which send Logan, Charles, and Laura (Dafne Keen) on the run.

Words can’t explain how great this film was. First off James Mangold directs a movie that’s visceral, grounded, and emotionally powerful. The action is bloody and absolutely bad ass. All the fight scenes make your jaw drop. Mangold is a terrific director. He had a massive task on his hands. Between the action, the family dynamic, and the heart he blends so many themes in one film. On top of all that, Mangold directs a violent movie. It’s absolutely brutal, and I loved every second of it.

The performances are some of the best you’ll see from these actors. Hugh Jackman delivers his best performance as Wolverine. This is the heaviest material Jackman will ever have to act on in his career. For every badass action scene, there’s a subdued well acted moment. There’s so much here for him to work with. He cements his place as the greatest Superhero actor of all time. Patrick Stewart also turns in his best work as Professor X. He’s suffering from altimeters, and you can see how broken he’s become. It’s always a treat to see Stewart and Jackman together, and this is no different.

A new star has emerged after the release of Logan and that’s Dafne Keen. X-23 is a welcome addition to this. She’s as killer as any of the other characters in the movie. She’s silent for most of it and she portrays every emotion through her eyes and facial expressions. Keen has incredible moments in her fight scenes. Definitely as believable as anyone else that’s she shares the screen with.

Logan is one of the best superhero films you’ll ever see. It’s so much different than anything in either of the two cinematic universes. It’s gritty, violent, heartfelt and emotional. Not only is it a good superhero movie, but it’s a fantastic film start to finish.


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