“Franchise Retrospective: X-Men Movies Ranked”


8. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It’s pretty much a toss up between The Last Stand and Origins. Both took the action route more than a story based film. This one breaks the tie because of the horrendous portrayal of Deadpool. Taking the mouth away from “the merc with the mouth” was a disaster. The action is decent, but the characters around Wolverine you don’t care about, other than Sabertooth. Liev Schreiber played that role well, and he had great chemistry with Jackman. Other than that I don’t see many other positives. Maybe the debut of Gambit in a limited role, Taylor Kitsch was great. Popped up for a little in the film but made the most of his screen time. That’s all I took from this.

7. X-Men: The Last Stand
There are definitely more positives in The Last Stand. I personally believe the first half of this film is brilliant. The political dynamic of there being a cure, and how that effects the group was very interesting. Having that element brought something more to these characters. Rogue isn’t going to react to a cure in the same way as Logan, or Professor X.
There are solid character moments as well. Cyclops is still reeling from the loss of Jean Grey and Logan tries to console him. “Not everyone heals as fast as you, Logan” a powerful scene. It’s when we get to the end of the film when things get zany. Magneto goes from methodical and plodding to a one line machine. Don’t get me started on the Juggernaut, awful. The delivery, lines, and portrayal was bad. Also the character choices. Jean tells Logan to kill her multiple times in the film, and at the end he finally does so. Something must’ve clicked in his mind, but nothing really happened to do that 180. Oh, and Professor X dies, and is now controlling his
twin brother. Nice.

6. X-Men: Apocalypse
The most recent X-Men release comes in towards the bottom of this list. Not for its quality, but it’s really just middle of the road. Oscar Issac was great as Apocalypse. He was menacing, and powerful. It’s just everything else that’s average. It’s just a team vs team film for the most part. Recruiting mutants on Charles side and Apocalypse’s leading to the war. The battle itself was fun. These X-Men films, especially the one previous to this one sets such a high bar makes this film hard to rank above this spot.

5. The Wolverine

I believe The Wolverine is better than its perceived. It was a ballsy move to make Japan such a big part of the film. All of it takes place there, and that added a lot to it. The action is incredible. That train scene is absolutely incredible. The ending is where people really go sour on it, which I understand, it does get a bit crazy. The action for me puts this film over the others that preceded it.

4. X-Men: First Class
First Class accomplished a lot. Credit to director Matthew Vaughn. If you’re a comic fan you pretty much know how all this is going to play out. You know how Charles and Eric but heads and how that relationship implodes. For Vaughn to still keep you on the edge of your seat, while you know what is coming down the line was a feat. It’s the debut of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto. For many, they really took over those roles from two of the best ever in Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. People now look at McAvoy and Fassbender as these two icons. That’s incredible.

3. X-Men
The first X-Men film came out at a tricky time. The superhero genre was drug through the mud after the Schumacher Batman films. The genre as a whole was done for years until Bryan Singer came out with this X-Men film. A massive risk, and they hit it out of the park. It plays more as a drama first and foremost. You’re getting to know these characters, you’re on a tour of the Xavier’s school. It has heart, its smart, and its the type of action film that makes you wanna put on the next one immediately. There is another thing that always makes me laugh when I think about this movie. In 2000 when Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine comic purist were outraged. He’s too short, he’s British, no one knows him. Just some of the moronic things said at the time. I think we know how those people feel about Jackman’s Wolverine now.

2. X2
The sequel was better than the original. The mutants now have to save the President and Xavier’s Academy was being invaded by military forces. This is the one that pushed the action the next level. Singer was the perfect director for this franchise. The humor, drama, action and relationships of the story make this film one of the best comic book films ever.

1. X-Men Days of Future Past

This franchise was taken to another level with Days of Future Past. What Singer manages to do with the time travel was no small task. Blending the prequel characters with the current cast could’ve been a complete disaster, but it turned into a fantastic film. The scope is so grand, the stakes are high and you never get lost as all the events unfold. You’re completely in. This one is the most rewatch able for me. The quicksilver addition was one of the best things they could’ve done. Dinklage was a formidable foe, and the dynamic between the ideals of Raven and Charles is compelling. DOFP is the best X-Men film.


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