“Bluray Breakdown: Doctor Strange”

Doctor Strange was released on Bluray yesterday. The latest installment in the MCU was praised by critics and fans for its brilliant direction by Scott Derrickson. Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Doctor Strange garnered a lot of praise as well. The film was a good blend of a fantasy, action, and character study.

As for the Bluray itself, there’s a Best Buy exclusive steelbook. I’m always a fan of those designs so that’s the edition I picked up. I’m really surprised that there isn’t a 4K release of this. Wouldn’t Doctor Strange be the perfect title to release on 4K? Truly a bizarre decision not releasing this on 4K.

Now for the special features. There’s the audio commentary with director Scott Derrickson which is always worth having. You watch it without the commentary and then after a couple of viewings you turn it on.

There’s a feature that takes a look at the next phase of Marvel films. Just a little teaser, but it’ll get you excited for what’s to come. A few other features are shorter, really just breaking down the film.

Doctor Strange is a worthy addition to your collection. Infinite rewatch ability, the film is just brilliant. Doctor Strange is going to become a favorite of this universe.


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