“Weekend Box Office Report: February 25-27”

Get Out $30.5M

This was a massive opening for Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. More than tripling its $9M budget. Absolutely incredible. Get Out was thrilling, thought provoking, and some funny moments as well. A relevant film for today’s moviegoing audiences. The social commentary was spot on, and Peele doesn’t really beat you over the head with it. He definitely walks that line but stays on the other side of it. One of the best films in this young year.

Get Out full review:


Lego Batman $19M

The domestic total for Lego Batman now stands at $132M. It’s just a 43% drop from the long Presidents’ Day weekend. It just continues to hold strong. I see a Moana, and Sing like staying power for this film.

Lego Batman full review:


John Wick 2 $9M

Like Get Out strong word of mouth continues to help John Wick at the box office. The worldwide take for the action sequel now stands at over $100M. The first ones cumulative total was $88M. A third one is inevitable. Bring it on!

John Wick 2 full review:


The Great Wall $8.7M

The Great Wall wasn’t really made to make a ton of money here in the United States.
In China it’s made $170M of its $240M total. It had a massive budget, but we’ll see how much money China gets this film by the end of its run.

The Great Wall full review:


Fifty Shades Darker $7.7M

With $300M worldwide, Universal should be satisfied with the haul. I didn’t like the sequel at all. It has its audience and they are definitely loyal.

Fifty Shades Darker full review:



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