“Get Out”-Review:

Chris and Rose have come to that stage in their relationship where it’s time to meet the parents. The couple travels to Rose’s parents mysterious estate, things begin to unravel that can’t be explained.

Get Out is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and this is a unique film to start out with. Based on the trailers it seems like a blend of horror, comedy and a thriller. It’s a daunting task for any seasoned director, let alone a first timer. Peele had the idea for this film and penned the script which changes the whole dynamic. He’s passionate about the project so I have the upmost confidence he’ll deliver a good first outing.

Get Out is such a unique film. There’s so many layers. There’s the horror layer which is conveyed in the trailers. Peele does a fantastic job of keeping you enthralled in the story so when a scare comes you’re completely in. You have that thriller part of it too. The tension builds and you’re waiting for that other shoe to drop, when it does you’re totally taken aback. It’s hard to imagine there being any comedy in a film like this. You get comedic relief in LilRel Howery and that’s an understatement. He’s one of the strongest points in the film. Absolutely hilarious, his delivery is fantastic and adds some levity to a heavy story. He’s going to be a star, that’s how funny he was.

The performances were fantastic across the board. Daniel Kaluuya as Chris was perfect. He portrays that feeling of being on edge, and skeptical while around Rose’s family very well. You can tell that he knows something is up right off the bat. You root for him throughout this whole movie. As a member of the audience you know something’s up, so you’re just pulling for him to peel the layers back.

The Armitage family was great as well. Allison Williams was fantastic. The chemistry between her and Kaluuya was solid. You really buy their relationship. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Kenner are also great. They play the mother and father, and they really come off caring at first, and suck you into believing in them. When things turn for the worst, they become ice cold.

Get Out has to be one of the best directorial debuts in recent memory. Jordan Peele crafts a thrilling, unpredictable and a bit of a funny film all in one. Get Out should be seen ASAP.


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