“Weekend Box Office Report: February 17-19”

The Lego Batman Movie $34M

It was an uphill climb for any of the new releases to dethrone Lego Batman. Especially with Presidents’ Day weekend, parents are going to take their kids out. There isn’t another animated film on the horizon for awhile, so this will hang around for weeks. March is filled with blockbusters, but I foresee Lego Batman staying in the top five through that month.

Lego Batman full review:


Fifty Shades Darker $20M

Like last year, Fifty Shades takes a steep week two dive. Fans of the original flock to the theater opening weekend, but after that the film struggles to garner any steam after that. It’ll make a ton of money overseas, but stateside it’ll continue to take dives and eventually be out of the top five.

Fifty Shades Darker full review:


The Great Wall $18M

For a $150M budget, I’m sure the studio can’t be satisfied with its week one total. They really are counting on that Chinese box office to make their money.

The Great Wall full review:


John Wick 2 $16M

In two weeks John Wick 2 has already made back its budget. Lionsgate is already eyeing a third installment as they should. As long as they keep the budget around $40M they’ll continue making money.

John Wick 2 full review:


Fist Fight $12M

This came as a bit of a surprise. I thought that maybe A Cure for Wellness would’ve stole this spot. However, there hasn’t been an R rated comedy for awhile, so people may have wanted a laugh at the movies this weekend. It only costed $22M to make, getting a decent amount of its budget back week one has to be a win for the studio.

Fist Fight full review:


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