“Fist Fight”-Review:

School teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) saves his job by throwing coworker Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) under the bus. Strickland now wants to punish Campbell by fighting him after school.

I didn’t have high expectations going into Fist Fight. The trailers made me chuckle, but that’s really it. Fist Fight felt like another generic comedy on the surface. Leaving the theater that’s how I felt.

If you’re going to do generic at least be funny. Fist Fight made me laugh from beginning to end. The chemistry between Charlie Day and Ice Cube is what makes this movie work. Day is The by the book teacher and Strickland is the tough, angry type. The juxtaposition of the two personalities made this a fun watch. Ice Cube is funny in these R rated comedies, other than Ride Along he kills in these roles. It’s really Charlie Day playing a teacher, and Ice Cube doing the same. Those are two people that I find very funny, so this movie really worked for me.

Jillian Bell plays a raunchy guidance counselor that wants to sleep with the students, and the pay off to that gag is hilarious. She’s been playing that character that says outrageous things for awhile, and that act hasn’t gotten old to me in the slightest.

It’s great to see Tracy Morgan back on screen and he nearly steals the show. He plays a gym teacher/coach that’s struggling to get his team on track. He has some of the outrageous lines here and he delivers them perfectly.

Fist Fight is what you thought. That isn’t always bad, the execution is good and the performances were fun across the board. Fist Fight is definitely worth your time.


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