“Bluray Breakdown: February 14”

A lot of great movies were released on home video today. Among them is an Oscar contender in Arrival. A boxing true story that flew under, the radar Bleed for This, and a coming of age story in Edge of Seventeen.

Bleed For This didn’t get the credit that it deserved. It’s such an inspiring story. Vinny Pazienza defined all odds when doctors told him he may never walk again. Not only did he walk, but he made his way back into the ring. Miles Teller crushes his leading role. He fits as Vinny Paz like a glove. You are invested in his journey back to the ring, and back to boxing prominence.

There’s nothing really here as special features go. A couple deleted scenes, in one feature you get to hear from the real Vinny Paz, which is a treat. If you’re looking to buy this movie it’s not for the features, it’s for the quality of the film.

The Edge of Seventeen is a movie in the same vain as Perks of being a Wallflower. It’s a coming of age film, putting the main character through some adversity and watching them overcome and find themselves in the process. Hailee Steinfeld was perfect as Nadine. She encapsulates that teen struggle. The movie itself is hilarious. Steinfeld’s banter with Woody Harelson is what puts this film over the top.

I guess Universal doesn’t really like special features. Bleed for This had virtually none and neither does Edge of Seventeen.

Arrival is really the crown jewel of the releases this week. What can you say about this film that hasn’t already been said. Visually stunning and great direction from Dennis Villeneuve. It’s rightfully in best picture discussion at the Oscars. It keeps you guessing at ever turn.

There’s a plethora of features on this disc. All the fractures here breakdown various aspects of the movie. From the score, sound editing, and dissecting the story. Paramount left no stone unturned. Arrival is worth owning, and is a movie you can watch every year or so.

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