“Weekend Box Office Report: February 10-12”

The Lego Batman Movie $55.6M

This is a great haul. Lego Batman is now one of six animated films to break $50M opening weekend. It looks like a forgone conclusion that it’ll crack $100M. The studio may now look for a $200M take for the second Lego flick. With Lego Ninjago being the next Lego flick, I’m sure WB is over the moon for it’s possibilities.

Lego Batman full review:


Fifty Shades Darker $47M

These films have their audience. Taking in $47M put it well over studio expectations which pegged it at around $35M. A low projection like that wasn’t very smart on the studios part. Even if the films have gotten worse, they’ll always keep their core audience. The box office haul dropped nearly half from 2015’s original. That could be a bit troubling. People may have truly been curious two years ago. Now they know what they’re getting into.

Fifty Shades Darker full review:


John Wick 2 $30M

Word of mouth spread about the original John Wick. The first made $14.4M so Lionsgate doubled up at the box office for the sequel. The original only made $43M overall here in the U.S. This has true franchise potential, maybe even a third or fourth movie could be in Reeve’s future.

John Wick 2 full review:


Split $9.3M

Split definitely has legs. In four weeks it’s taken in $112M. The movie was only made for $9M, so we’re talking more than 10x its budget. This is what Jason Blum does. Taking something like Split, making it for cheap to ensure a high profit. Blumhouse has the game figured out. M Night Shymalan has already talked about a sequel. If you’ve seen Split it’s hard not to be craving a follow up.

Split full review:


Hidden Figures $8M

Oscar movies are going to continue to linger until the awards show actually happens. I’m surprised that La La Land isn’t in this spot. It’s the film that’s getting the most awards recognition, Hidden Figures is up for a few Oscars, definitely not as many as La La Land. It’s a bit puzzling, but it’s good to see stories like this doing well.


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