“Fifty Shades Darker”-Review:

Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) is still struggling with his inner demons. Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) must wrestle with her heart and brain. Does she still want to take on all of Grey’s baggage in the name of love?

If you read my review of the original you can see that I didn’t really mind it too much. Sure the dialogue is atrocious but the leads had chemistry and Sam Taylor-Johnson livens it up with her visuals. You can’t say the same about the sequel.

At the very least the first one played like one long music video. The music here isn’t nearly as good. The soundtrack has one good song on it, and it doesn’t really add anything to the film. A film that really needed a redeeming quality. Dakota Johnson is uber talented, as is Jamie Dornan but they can’t even make it through this miserable dialogue once again.

Some of the lines are just atrocious. You may ask yourself, how did this script even get approved? The author of the book E.L. James had her husband pen the script. Which is why it plays exactly like the book beat by beat. Crappy dialogue and all. There is a good concept in here somewhere. A girl from Christian’s past comes creeping back in, Ana has to struggle with how this weighs on her. There’s a premise at the very least. The script can’t even deliver on that.

If you just took the outline of this, boy has a troubled past, leads him to becoming a dominatrix. Girl is unseen, likes being seen, but isn’t into the domination and wants to change boy. Anastasia became a yes woman. She’ll do everything Christian says on cue but then Grey just lashes out “for once do as your told”. What!? She’s literally been doing that the entire time.

It frustrates me knowing that there’s something here that isn’t capitalized on. The sex isn’t even as taboo as you’d think it is. When you see it you’ll ask if that’s it (again). There’s one thing you could classify as risqué.

I hope E.L. James knows now how Hollywood works. You can’t boss the director around like you did on the first one. Sam Taylor-Johnson tried to take this turd and polish it up for you. You pushed her out and got this. Nothing even happens. If you watch the trailer you’ve seen the whole movie. It’s hard for me to think of ever seeing a trailer that shows you everything in the film. Save yourself the trouble and watch that. At least it’s threes minutes and not 120.


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