“The Lego Batman Movie”-Review

Bruce Wayne’s responsibility to protect Gotham from its most dangerous criminals clashes with a new undertaking. Raising the boy he has adopted.

The Lego Batman Movie looks to be one of the years best animated films. When The Lego Movie was released it was regarded as the top animated feature of 2014. It was one of the biggest snubs in recent Oscar memory. With catchy tunes and lovable characters, The Lego Movie captured the hearts of many. Can we feel the same way about Batman as we did for Emmett’s adventure?

Wow, The Lego Batman Movie is as great as you expect and probably better. It hits on every level The Lego Movie does and maybe passes it. The characters are equally as lovable and the story makes you laugh and even tugs on your heartstrings.

It’s a movie that is about the relationships as much as making you barrel over in laughter. Batman has a unique relationship with Joker. It’s more of a crazy ex kinda thing, with all that hero stuff mixed in there. The dialogue is clever between them. Joker constantly asking Batman to tell him how much he hates him. Batman never really does and beats around the bush. Sound familiar?

Robin and Batman have a fun back and forth as well. Batman doesn’t really want to give Robin credit, and keeps the attention on himself. Robin is just looking for that validation and Batman just can’t give it to him. The two relate on so many levels. You see one in the other.

For a Lego Movie the action is really fun. You pretty much get every 80’s villain ever in the climax and that’s just a trip. Think of any villain in the last 30 years and they pop up to take out the bat.

Lego Batman is as good a time you’ll have at the movies this year. You laugh hysterically and become entranced in the Lego universe so much that you forget that you’re in it.

7 thoughts on ““The Lego Batman Movie”-Review

  1. Thought it kind of failed at points where The Lego Movie succeeded. Emotional bits not as strong, humor didn’t land as well, but oh well. Still, not a bad movie at all! Super entertaining and lots of fun.


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