“John Wick 2”- Review:

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) just wants to hang it up. He’s forced into the criminal underworld once again to repay a debt after learning a bounty has been placed on his life.

John Wick caught everyone by surprise in 2014. The fight choreography and action helmed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch was simply amazing. They reintroduced gun-fu to the audience and we’re thankful for it. Reeves plays up that man on a mission act and you believe it from start to finish. With Stahelski directing the sequel solo, can he bring the same magic that the original had?

The action once again is white knuckle and visceral. Chad Stahelski can’t do wrong. His niche is the action genre, and he crushed it again. Every fight scene is hard hitting. You feel every punch, kick, and broken bone. There’s the gun fights of course. The gun-fu amazes me. The choreography from hand to hand combat into a shoot out is incredible.

Keanu Reeves is John Wick. He loses himself into this character. Reeves carries himself with such gravitas and is so cold blooded. Wick is the personification of death. When people see him in the film they know bad things are about to happen. That just adds to the aura that is this character. You hear the whispers and there always one person that doesn’t believe it. When he shows up you have a hard time not thinking he’s as bad as they say. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, it’s meaningful. Reeves delivers those lines very well when need be.

It’s good to see Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves on the same screen again. Fishburne plays Bowery King, who runs part of the Continental. Just watching that interaction is a blast. Ian Mcshane is a massive part of these two films as the manager of the Continental. He’s so powerful. Definitely don’t want to cross him.

There’s nothing bad to say here. If you loved the first John Wick you’ll love this one. It’s action packed and Reeves brings his A game once again.


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