“Franchise Retrospective: The Lego Movie”

With The Lego Batman Movie being released Friday, its worth going back and revisiting the massive hit, The Lego Movie. I think a lot of people were wrong on this one. A lot of dismissing this at the gate just because it seemed like a Lego commercial. After leaving the film, it’s hard to deny its greatness.

The Lego Movie is phenomenal for so many reasons, let’s start with the animation. The world that is created here is just awe inspiring. Every detail is taken into account, from the Lego figures outfits, to the tallest skyscraper in the city. You could watch this on mute and just take in the visuals.

The characters are the heart of this film. In the first ten minutes you fall in love with Emmet (Chris Pratt). It’s immediately relatable. Many of us feel like we’re stuck in that rut. Waking up, doing the same routine everyday and just going through the motions. You’re already loving Emmet at this point, but then Everything is Awesome comes on. At that moment this movie became special.

Once we get to Emmet’s construction job that’s when the movie kicks in and we’re on a ride. He’s been thrust into this adventure with Wyldestyle (Elizabeth Banks) to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from gluing the Lego Universe.

Surprisingly the action here is spectacular. I never would’ve thought that I’d say that about a movie with Legos. The final battle to defeat Lord Business turns into a beautiful unification of the Lego Universe.

There’s appearances from Batman (Will Arnett) who is hilarious. It’s as if they told Batman to turn his persona up to a thousand. The good cop/bad cop character voiced by Liam Neeson was fun as well. Watching the back and forth was one of the joys here.

All in all Phil Lord and Chris Miller took the product of Legos and managed to make that the furthest thing from your mind. These aren’t just Legos. It’s Emmet, Wyldestyle, Unikitty, Batman, and Bad Cop. All of their characters are their own personalities. You almost have to remind yourself that they’re Legos. The Lego Movie moves at such a fast pace, that you will definitely have to watch it two or three times to grasp the whole thing. There’s so many laughs back to back that you may miss some.


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