“Weekend Box Office Report: February 3-5”

Split $14.6M

Split threepeats this weekend taking in another $14M. It’s taken in $98M so far, and is M Night’s second film to be the number one film at the box office three weeks in a row since The Sixth Sense. It’s outperformed all expectations. Surely this week Rings was supposed to come in ahead of it. People are really loving this film. Split is going to have a hard time coming in the top three next week, it’s a good run nevertheless.

Split full review:


Rings $12M

Look, Rings isn’t the best horror film ever, but is it better than most of the trash we got in January? Definitely. It has some redeeming qualities. It’s always good to see Samara reeking havoc. The fact is that a Ring movie in 2017 should’ve played more on today’s tech. There’s a good movie in here somewhere. It’s just bogged down by so much other useless plot devices. It’s made about half of its budget back, so with a good overseas haul, we could see more Rings films. Hopefully in the hands of a much better director.

Rings full review:


A Dogs Purpose $10.8M

Dog lovers haven’t had a movie to latch onto for years. Even cat lovers got the abomination that was Nine Lives. I think dog people are going out and checking this out due to that lack of dog movies.

Hidden Figures $10.4M

This seems to be more than just awards buzz. People are really latching into Hidden Figures. It’s such a feel good story, and the performances in it are top notch. Definitely worth a watch.

La La Land $7.5M

There’s so much going on here. The movie is getting so much love. If it’s not getting the love from people, it’s that hate for something that people love so much. It’s directed and acted beautifully. I believe it’ll dominate the Oscars.

La La Land full review:


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