Julia (Matilda Lutz) receives a video, seven days after watching it she’ll die. She soon discovers that this video isn’t the same one everyone has saw before her.

If you’re going to Rings for a good addition to a horror franchise, you’ll definitely be disappointed. We really don’t get anything in the regard of decent storytelling. They really try to spice this one up. There’s a whole “movie within a movie” element. I appreciate the effort, but don’t mess with a good thing. It’s a shame because this movie started off so strong. The first three minutes of the film were released online, and in it we see the video being played on a plane in each passenger’s tv. That is a solid idea! What we got was an absolute mess.

It really seemed like the writers just threw stuff at the wall to see what stuck. There’s a cult element which a professor, Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) is the head of. That’s a neat element. Then you have the whole movie within a movie, and a new Samara origin. It was just too much to try to make one movie out of. I was interested in this cult of The Ring Experience more than anything. Once you get away from that it’s all just bland.

You’d think a Rings movie in 2017 would play well. The advancement in today’s tech would be great to spread this video around. It’s just via flash drive, and other than that you don’t get anything with that sharing innovation. Other than that airplane clip, there’s nothing here that unleashes Samara in an innovative way. That’s what I was looking forward to most. How were they going to get others to watch this footage. It was a promising answer at first. After that it was really outdated.

The lead in the film Matilda Lutz has nothing to work with here, but she really puts forward a good effort. Her performance is decent for a movie that really has nothing going for it. However, it was beyond annoying when the movie stops to explain itself every couple of minutes. That’s not on her, she’s the messenger, but man is that a drag. Your movie isn’t something that needs to be broken down to the audience.

After reading this review you may think I absolutely despised Rings. I didn’t. There was a good movie in here somewhere. Galecki’s performance is very good, and that cult element was something worth a full movie. There’s more to learn about Samara, so if you’re a fan of this franchise check it out.


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