“Franchise Retrospective: The Ring”

The Ring is one of my favorite horror films ever. The suspense along with the twists and turns make this a thrill ride from start to finish. With the new film “Rings” coming out this Friday, ill review the original here. Does it have any chance of living up to the original?

There’s so many moments in this film. Meaning that when you think of The Ring, it’s hard to just pick one scene that defines the tone of the film. The opening, when the two teenage girls are talking about the tape when one reveals that they’ve actually watched it. At that point we know everything that we have to about the film. After you watch it, a week later you die. We get left in such mystery. We here about the tape, we see her watch it, and we don’t see how the girl dies, we cut to her funeral. We know she dies but we don’t see how it happens. In my opinion that’s scarier. Letting your mind take you to how this could’ve happened throughout the film makes the viewing of it even more intense.

We’re on this journey with Naomi Watts, she’s trying desperately to unravel the tape and its implications. Just like her, we never really know what’s coming next. That falls a lot on director Gore Verbinski. The visuals are bone chilling. The blue tint that’s over most of the film give it that creepy vibe. When Rachel (Naomi Watts) pulls that long hair from out of her throat, and then the phone begins to bleed from the speaker. It’s really some of the most chilling stuff you’ll see in a horror film.

The film is so innovative, but it does horror formula so well too. You have the threatening phone calls and the creepy kid that whispers chilling predictions. There’s that farmhouse that is riddled with ghosts as well. This film is incredible. Mandatory watching every October.


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