“Weekend Box Office Report: January 27-29”

Split $26M

M Night’s newest project hangs strong atop the box office bringing its domestic haul up to $78M thus far. I believe that M Night is here to stay after that long hiatus previous to The Visit’s release. Blumhouse has done a good job of keeping him on track. With the twist that this film has, it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come. This is a match made in heaven, and now we can start looking forward to Shymalan’s films once again.

Split full review:


A Dog’s Purpose $18.4M

Talk about a PR nightmare. Days before the films release TMZ put out a video of a terrified German Shepherd being thrown into turbulent water for a scene. This lead to outrage from the media and PETA. Rightfully so, the video is absolutely heartbreaking. It hasn’t hurt the box office too much. The film was on pace to make about $25M but came in around $18M. The films premier was canceled, and the cast and crew were outraged at the second units handling of the situation. As for the film itself, it’s a mixed bag. Some love it, and some really don’t. 18 million is a good haul nonetheless.

Hidden Figures $14M

The film about three African American scientists in the early days of NASA continues doing big business. The domestic total is now over $100M. This is a great story that deserves to be told on the big screen. Well worth a watch.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter $13M

The sixth film in the franchise takes in just $13M this weekend. Sony pictures hasn’t made it a secret that they are more concerned with the global box office. The previous films made 80% of its gross overseas. So it’s nothing new that we’re looking at a low number here in the states. Expect The Final Chapter to triple its budget like the previous five had.

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La La Land $12M

A whopping 14 Oscar nominations for the awards darling. Incredible for Lionsgate and everyone involved. It’s made over $100M in the states, which is good for a flick that wasn’t made for much. Awards bring people to the theater. This film and Hidden Figures will quietly continue to take in good money as we move towards the Oscars.

La La Land full review:



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