A prospector, Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is desperate for a lucky break when he links up with a geologist (Edgar Rameriez) to drill for gold in Indonesia.

Gold really surprised me, I absolutely loved the film. From beginning to end you’re rooting for Wells. It’s easy to relate to someone who’s just looking for a big break, something to put him on top. McConaughey pulls this roll off perfectly. You see Wells the whole time. His hunger, drive, and determination to strike gold is inspiring.

The supporting cast is just as stellar. Edgar Ramirez as Michael Acosta, who at first reluctantly works with Wells becomes close friends with him. The juxtaposition of Acosta’s calm cool approach to Wells hands on and aggressive way of going about business.

By watching the trailers you know there’s a bit of undoing that occurs. I actually was surprised by what inevitably happens. It goes from highs to lows and back around multiple times.

Gold is a movie worth seeing. From great performances, to a fun script that takes you down all sorts of directions. It’s a mix of Wolf of Wall Street and War Dogs. If you’re into those two films I have a feeling you’ll love this one as well.


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