“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”-Review:

Alice (Milla Jovovich) was the only survivor of the humans final stand against the undead. She must return now to The Hive at Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation will be waiting to finally take her out.

If you aren’t into the Resident Evil franchise by now, The Final Chapter isn’t going to wheel you in. You aren’t going to see the trailer for the sixth installment and be sold by what you saw. However, if you are a fan, going to the theater and seeing these films has become an event. Resident Evil succeeds where other franchises may not. They don’t deviate from the dumb, over the top, action formula. Fans of the franchise rejoice over this, and detractors will continue to roll their eyes.

The Final Chapter is as fun as you expect it to be. The action is all close quarters, and Paul W. S. Anderson pulls no punches. When Alice and company aren’t trying to take out a hoard of undead, they are fighting up close and personal with the Umbrella Corporation. Anderson keeps you in the action. The hand to hand combat is all over the place in a good way. That fight choreography was spot on. It’s two full hours of action and it doesn’t let you breathe for a second.

Milla Jovovich deserves a ton of credit for being an action star. It’s hard to breakthrough in your own franchise as the lead in any genre. In the action genre, where you’re at risk of audiences not taking you seriously for your gender, she’s put that to bed time and time again. She’s as tough as they come. The most believable in fight scenes, shootouts, and killing the undead. I have the upmost respect for what she’s pulled off in this franchise. Milla has made these movies what they are. Fun, and a joy to watch.

Iain Glen plays Dr. Issacs, the leader of the Umbrella Corporation. He plays a smarmy business man very well. He pulls that off. It makes him very unlikable. Dr. Issacs is a great foil for Alice and your constantly rooting for his comeuppance.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may not live up to that title. I think if they continue to make money, you’ll see Sony continue to crank these out. They’re fun, and good mindless entertainment for January. A pallet cleanser for the Oscar movies of a month ago.

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