“Franchise Retrospective: Resident Evil”

Resident Evil is another franchise that has run for a really long time. The video game adaption has come out in theaters over the past 15 years. This is the sixth film in the series and it’s titled “The Final Chapter”. How realistic is it that this really is the case?

Resident Evil at the very least has been profitable as a franchise. Keeping the budget in the 45-70 million dollar range, it usually triples or makes four times that. The most recent one “Retribution” was made for $65M and made $238M world wide. A great haul for the studio. If the latest sequel brings in those kind of numbers, I think we’ll see more Resident Evil movies until people stop seeing them.

I’d breakdown each film individually, but really they are all the same on the surface. Milla Jovovich running around killing zombies in her leather, black jump suit. That’s all this franchise is. More dumb fun. January was filled with films like this. The sequels of xXx and Underworld also fall under the mindless action category. Of the three franchises I do enjoy Resident Evil the most. They try a little world building, which I commend them for. To have a successful franchise you have to have a clear direction, and build the world out. The directors in the series do that successfully in my opinion.

There’s nothing really here if note other that Jovovich being a bad ass action heroin and looking believable killing these zombies and other really good looking creatures. The action is gruesome, gory, and over the top. That adds to the watchability of this franchise. You can watch all five of these flicks and have a ton of fun. Not a ton of exposition, action packed from beginning to end.


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