“Box Office Report: January 20-22”

Split $40M

M Night Shyamalan’s newest project earns him number one at the box office. Rightfully so in my opinion. Split is such a suspenseful film that has you on the edge of your seat throughout. McAvoy delivers a career performance that will be remembered through time. Playing an insane 24 different personalities. Truly incredible. Anya Taylor-Joy has arrived, between this and The Witch, she’s turned in two world class performances. Of course M Night throws a massive twist in here, and it changes the whole game.

Split full review:


xXx: The Return of Xander Cage $20M

I imagine that the team behind this is a tad disappointed. Not only that it comes in second, but only makes back a quarter of its whopping $85M budget. Studios have to stop coming back to franchises that haven’t had a follow up in decades. People just aren’t interested anymore. All that being said, I enjoyed this flick for what it is. Big dumb action, Diesel is Diesel and if you turn your brain off you can have fun. $85M though? You have to be hoping for a massive overseas haul.

xXx 3 full review:


Hidden Figures $16M

This has to be getting people’s attention. Hidden Figures has been having little drop off from week to week. Only making $3M less than last weekend. It’s good that people are making a point to see this film.

Sing $9M

This is what cornering the market looks like. There isn’t another animated flick out, so families are still taking the kids to see this. Rightfully so, it’s a fun little film. Both adults and kids can enjoy it.

Sing full review:

La La Land $8.4M

Again, this film is making money because it’s the Oscar front runner. It’s one of the years best. It’s not something you want to watch more than twice though. I watched it twice and I got the point.

La La Land full review:



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