Three girls are abducted by a man with 24 vast personalities. They must use one of the personalities to help them escape, and avoid being killed by the others.

If The Visit wasn’t the evidence needed to prove M Night Shyamalan is back, Split is. It’s not one of his best movies, but he set a high bar. He was supposed to be the next Spielberg after The Sixth Sense, Signs, and Unbreakable. After a few disastrous slips and box office bombs, M Night is back.

He directs Split as he would his previous great works. Letting powerful shots breathe on their own with no dialogue. Of course he builds that suspense and tension as he always does. The ending sequence keeps you on the edge of your seat. The whole film keeps you guessing. That’s a testament to M Night’s direction.

James McAvoy is the best he’s ever been. Watching him go through these personalities is some of the best acting you’ll see. Each one feels different from the other, and different is an understatement. He falls into each one as an individual character. Whether it’s the 9 year old Hedwig, an extroverted fashion forward designer Barry, or abnormal beast. He definitely is the reason you see this movie.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays one of the girls captured, Casey. Watching her have to fight, scratch, and claw to get out of this captivity shows how much fight she has inside her. Taylor-Joy brings that to the forefront. You can see the sadness on her face, but also see that hunger she has to be free. Your heartbreaks for her, she makes you feel so much. Her performance is phenomenal opposite of McAvoy. She’s going to be a superstar.

Split is another return to form from M Night. It’s suspenseful, horrific, and tense. McAvoy and Taylor-Joy deliver career performances and make this film make worth seeing more than once.


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