“Blu-Ray Breakdown: January 17”

This Blu-Ray Tuesday was a bit slower. Just Girl on the Train and Ouija: Origin of Evil were released. Both solid in my opinion, and worth a second watch. Worth buying? I’ll let you know.

The Girl on the Train:

The film itself is a pretty serviceable who done it, and mystery. It may drag on at points, but director Tate Taylor does his best to keep you invested. Whether that’s with visuals or with some interesting character development. The performances from the top down are all great. Emily Blunt as this self destructive, clingy ex wife, really gets you invested into the story. Haley Bennet as the other woman here is very good. She plays that role very seductively. There’s a certain way about her that makes it hard to take your eyes off her. Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez and Luke Evans are all solid as well. The film is well acted and directed and is worth your time.

As for the special features there’s not much here. Just a directors commentary. It maybe worth your time if you really love the film. If not, you should just rent this. You watch it, maybe enjoy it and buy it down the line.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

In a year that was stacked with great horror, this film got swept under the rug. You have to take into account that the original was absolutely horrible. This sequel is a massive step up. Great imagery, massive tension and it moves at a fast pace. Mike Flanagan had a great year, he also directed Hush in 2016. Another suspenseful flick. If Flanagan has his hands on this franchise these movies will get better and better.

Same here as it goes for special features. A directors commentary is definitely worth it here. Flanagan is up and coming, so getting into his head as he guides you through his film is worth it. For that alone, the Blu-ray should be bought.

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