“Box Office Report: January 13-15”

Hidden Figures $20.4

Hidden Figures had barley any dropped from last week. Only ten percent, truly remarkable for a film that isn’t in a franchise or reboot. People are going to theater in droves to see this. It maybe the fact that Taraji P Henson has become a star, since Empire has blown up in recent years. It also is rewards season, so interest spikes when nominations are given out.

La La Land $14.3M

Same really goes for La La Land. It’s awards season, buzz is overwhelmingly positive, so people want to see what the hype is about. Both Hidden Figures and La La Land are among the years best. Coupled with a slow week for new releases people only have Oscar movies to check out.

La La Land full review:


Sing $13.8M

There isn’t anything else out in the animated field, so Sing will continue to hang around for a couple more weeks. It’s a serviceable kids film that adults can also enjoy. With Moana on the way out and nothing on the horizon, Sing will continue to make money.

Sing full review:


Rogue One $13.7M

It’s continuing to make bank, as it should. This is a great war film first and a Star Wars film second. This spin off project gives me a ton of confidence in the solo Star Wars story films going forward.

Rogue One full review:


The Bye Bye Man $13.3M

The only way I can explain this is that teenagers like mindless horror movies. Jump scares and moronic dialogue make this film perfect for the teenagers going to see it. Right in their wheelhouse. They make these films for nothing, in this case only 7 million, so it’s nearly doubled its budget. Thanks guys, now that you made a date night out of this film we probably will get another one. The fact that this made more money than Patriots Day truly saddened me. Patriots Day deserved better, in no world should a date movie trump American heroism. To each its own I guess.

The Bye Bye Man full review:



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