Blu-Ray Breakdown: January 10

This Blu-ray Tuesday was a stacked one to say the least. The Accountant, Deepwater Horizon, Kevin Hart: What Now?, and Birth of a Nation were all released. Out of the films on this list there isn’t one lacking title. All are quality films in their own unique way, and are all worth owning. Down below ill breakdown the features on each Blu-ray, and give my brief thoughts on each film.

The Accountant:

In my opinion one of the years best which is a theme for today’s releases. Affleck delivers a powerful performance as Christian Wolff, an accountant who uncooks the books for some of the worlds most shady and powerful figures. Gavin O’Connor directs the action sequences, and they are visceral to say the least. He brings the suspense to the film, and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The special features at first glance don’t look like anything special. There’s one that goes in depth on Wolff’s condition and how it affects his day to day. You get a little breakdown on the action side of the film in another special feature. Other than those two, you aren’t really getting much on that side of it. You’re buying this film for the film itself and The Accountant gives you every reason to pick this up.

Deepwater Horizon:

Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg team up for another powerful film based on true events. Deepwater Horizon, again is one of the years best. Berg brings the best out of Wahlberg, and he directs this disaster as well as you can. Meaning that the oil rig explosion looked massive in scope, and you feel how much of a devastating tragedy this was. In the first act Berg develops these characters very well. Everyone has a unique relationship with one another, so when bad things happen, you care.

This one has Special Features that make the movie worth buying. Raw footage of the real explosion, the set construction of the rig, and 8 real accounts from real workers on the Deepwater Horizon. On top of all that you get Blu-Ray exclusives, one being the cast meeting the real heroes of the Deepwater Horizon. Also, Target has an exclusive steel book edition which is worth getting if you’re into that.

Birth of a Nation:

This is a really rare case. As we get into awards season, Birth of a Nation hasn’t gotten touched for anything, despite winning the Jury Prize and Audience Award at Sundance. This movie was swarmed with controversy due to Nate Parker’s legal trouble, however I put that out of my head and just watched the film. Birth of a Nation is right up there with the years best. Nat Turner’s story is powerful, it deserved to be told, and Nate Parker did a great job behind the camera and in front of it.

The features here are stacked as well. A directors commentary with Nate Parker and a documentary on Nat Turner’s life is what sticks out to me. On a personal note, I’m hoping this film gets nominated for best picture, I can’t name 10 films better than it this year. If you haven’t seen it, please make it a point to watch it.

Kevin Hart: What Now?

Kevin Hart’s newest stand up may be his best. I laughed throughout, and it builds and builds. Hart’s comedy isn’t for everyone, but I love it. There’s nothing really here in the special features department, I’d say you just rent this for the standup and buy it if you really enjoyed it.


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