“Box Office Report: January 4-6”

Rogue One $21.9M

The new Star Wars anthology movie, just edged out Hidden Figures. Based on Rogue One’s return this week, it’s a given that it won’t be number one next week. It’s taken in an astounding $914M. Now we’re on the road to Episode Eight.

Rogue One full review:


Hidden Figures $21.8M

Hidden Figures is the first movie to come close to dethroning Rogue One. Hidden Figures is the perfect storm. It’s coming out around awards season and the buzz is mostly positive from critics.

Sing $19.5M

Sing is the animated film cornering the market at the moment. There isn’t one coming out for a while, so this will linger in the top five for a few more weeks.

Sing full review:


Underworld: Bloodwars $13.1M

The fifth installment of the Underworld franchise makes over a third of its budget back. It’s been out for a bit internationally, and it’s at $45M, with marketing it’s broken even already. With a decent domestic run, we could see more Underworld movies. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you, I don’t mind these films in the least.

Underworld: Bloodwars full review:


La La Land $10M

La La Land just opened up wide release this week. Same as Hidden Figures, this is the perfect storm. Awards season is here and this is a top contender to win best picture. Usually people will go check those Oscar films out, as the case is here.

La La Land full review:


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