“Blu-Ray Breakdown: January 3”

This Tuesday was a slow one for new releases. Only the new Blair Witch film was released on Blu Ray, so I’ll break that down. My thoughts on the film, the special features, and if this is worth the buy.

A quick review:

Blair Witch was one of many solid horror films released in 2016. It flew under the radar because of the other top notch releases in the genre. Don’t Breathe and Lights Out were universally praised as suspenseful, and unnerving horror films. In my opinion Blair Witch should be right there with it. My basis for this isn’t really the performances, but the phenomenal work from Adam Wingard behind the camera. The incorporation of new technology like drones really takes an old horror trope like found footage and puts a new spin on it. Wingard knows how to bring the suspense, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Special Features:

There’s a really insightful directors commentary with Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett. A directors commentary is always an interesting addition to the film. You’re being taken on a ride with the director, as he gives reasons for his shot selection and why he takes the story to certain places. Adam Wingard being a director on the rise, it’s good to have him giving insight on the film.

Included is a 6-part documentary on the making of the film. If you don’t know the story behind how Blair Witch came to be, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Worth your money?

Blair Witch is worth buying. The film itself is suspenseful, and a fun horror ride. This is one of the only times you can say that the special features really add to your decision in whether to buy this or not. Watch the film with the directors commentary, and then watch the making of doc. You get a lot of bang for your buck here.


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