“Box Office Report: December 29-Jan 1”

Rogue One $50M

No surprise here, nothing really came out this weekend. Even if that were the case it’d be hard for any film to catch Rogue One. The spin off Star Wars experiment has proven to be a rousing success.

Rogue One full review:


Sing $41M

What a haul for Sing. It made more money than it did last week, almost $11M more. It seems like people are really liking this film. With kids still on vacation Sing was going to make a decent amount this weekend. A improvement like this wasn’t expected.

Sing full review:


Passengers $15M

Sony is hoping for Passengers to cross $65M by the end of the day Monday. The $15M opening for a film with a $110M budget is far from ideal.

Passengers full review:


Why Him? $10M

Why Him is a fun comedy. Paint by numbers, nothing really new or innovative. The performances from Cranston and Franco make this an enjoyable watch.

Why Him? Full review:


Fences $10M

Fences has expanded quite nicely. This has become Denzel’s top grossing directorial piece, just edging out The Great Debaters. Fences is a very talky movie. It’s a lot of staying in one spot and having conversations. With Washington’s direction and his powerhouse performance, there’s no one I’d rather watch in a movie like that. He and Viola Davis deliver the best turns of their respective careers.

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