“Box Office Report: December 23-25”

Rogue One $64M

The juggernaut will continue to reign for weeks on end. Rogue One continues to prove that Star Wars spinoffs are as viable as the episodes. This series has transcended generations. There isn’t really a lot of competition in January so it’s probably going to stay atop the box office for a really long time, maybe into February.

Rogue One full review:


Sing $35M

Sing is a delightful film. Moana was the animated film in this spot until Sing came along. I think Moana is the superior film, but you can have a good time with Sing. The musical performances are top notch, and Matthew McConaughey continues to select great animated features to lend his voice to.

Sing full review:


Passengers $14.5M

This is a pretty generically executed sci-fi film. The idea behind it is really interesting, but the film plays out how you thing it will. That’s no knock on it as a whole. It’s a fun time at the movies and watching Pratt and Lawrence together is a treat.

Passengers full review:


Why Him? $11M

The de facto Christmas movie this year was Why Him? And it performed as well as it could’ve up against stiff competition. Cranston and Franco’s dynamic alone makes this worth checking out at some point.

Why Him? Full review:


Assassins Creed $10M

Talk about a dud. I did end up seeing this one, and I regretted every second of it. Usually I can find a redeeming quality in a film, but for the first time I had nothing positive to say. There’s no reason to waste your time.

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