“Why Him?”-Review:

A Christmas gathering is about to go off the hinges when Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) realizes his daughter’s tech genius boyfriend, Laird (James Franco) is going to pop the question on Christmas Day.

Why Him is a cute little Christmas comedy. There are a lot of laughs throughout. James Franco is hilarious here, he really plays up that out of touch, Silicon Valley persona. The juxtaposition of that and Ned’s small town business mind set play well off of each other. Watching Cranston be completely thrown off guard as soon as he meets Franco’s character sets the movie up for some really big laughs.

It’s good to see Zoey Deutch. She’s a great actress, here she just plays the straight forward daughter character. Loves her family, and wants them to love her over the top boyfriend. She’s good in this role. Megan Mullally plays the mother, and she plays it very innocent as well. She’s just as shocked as Ned, but you can tell she enjoys it a little more than he is. Leading to a big payoff which you see in the trailer.

Why Him is filled with laughs from beginning to end. Franco and Cranston have great chemistry. They are the reason this movie is as hilarious as it is. Keegan-Michael Key as Franco’s “estate manager” was one of the funniest acts of the year. He also makes this movie worth seeing. If you want some light hearted laughs this is a good choice.


4 thoughts on ““Why Him?”-Review:

  1. This film has self-destructed more than many I’ve seen lately. One thing that audience do not know in advance is that the film script is peppered with F-bombs and worse, with a running gag referring to a category of pornography especially degrading to women. We all expect colourful language these days, but it’s a substitute vocabulary that loses impact quickly. Cheap gags are more affordable than a quality script and even a strong cast cannot pull this film up from the depths it chose.


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