A koala named Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) has one more chance to save his theater, and restore its prominence, by putting on a massive singing competition.

Sing is a fun animated film. The voice acting is stellar across the board. McConaughey, in his second voice acting role kills it. He brings the humor, emotion, and wit that a promoter character like his would need.

In the supporting cast is Reese Witherspoon who voices a pig, and is a stay at home mom. Her character seems to have had the most fun moments in the movie, and Reese’s personality plays right into that. Seth MacFarlane plays a rat, who sings jazz, but is horrible on the inside. Seth always does great with the song and dance, so him absolutely killing in his musical numbers is no surprise. Scarlett Johansson plays an edgy rocker type, she’s fine as well. Taron Egerton turns in a solid first voice acting performance as a soulful gorilla that leads a reluctant life of crime. Egerton is a wonderful actor and has a bright future ahead of him. All the performances are exceptional. I have to show more love to Tori Kelly, who has a big role here playing an elephant with stage fright. Her character had the most depth, and when it was time for the performance she belts it out. Tori Kelly is incredible.

Sing isn’t a deep, layered film. You know what you’re getting just from watching the trailers. Go for the closing act alone. The musical numbers here are amazing. It really brings a smile to your face.


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