A space craft traveling to a colonized planet is carrying thousands of people. While in space it has a sleep chamber malfunction waking up two of its passengers 90 years too soon.

Passengers is a movie I’ve been looking forward too for awhile. Anytime you put together two of Hollywoods biggest stars, it’s hard not to be excited. Also, this premise really intrigues me. What happens when you’re woken up so soon? How do you try to correct that? Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in space. That could’ve been the title and I would’ve been excited regardless.

Passengers is a lot better than I thought. It’s a fun little sci-fi adventure. The premise is really executed well. All the questions you have about why these pods are opened are answered for the most part. Watching Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) have to go through life alone on this ship is fun. He makes the most of it. There’s some light hearted moments where he spends time alone. Preston shoots a little hoops, even has a dance battle. He tries to keep himself busy. Pratt delivers a good performance here, he shows the struggle of being isolated on the Avalon really well. Once Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) enters the picture that’s when everything changes. Jim finally has a companion after being alone, and it makes life worth living for him. There’s a real love story in this sci-fi story. Lawrence is great in this as well. The chemistry is great. You buy that love story and the ups and downs that brings, let alone being on this futuristic space ship to a new planet.

I was really interested in this world. The Planet they are in route to is like a dystopia, you pay a bunch of money to be put to sleep and wake up there. That stuff is always interesting to me. The journey there with these two makes this film worth watching. It’s a bit predictable, but it’s executed fairly well. Nothing special but if you’re a fan of these two you’ll have a decent time.


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