“Box Office Report: December 16-18”

Rogue One $155M

Absolutely no surprise here. Star Wars fans have always flocked to theaters, and rightfully so in this case. Rogue One, brings a galactic war time feel to the franchise for the first time. Gareth Edwards brings his visual flare to this franchise. The action is brilliant, as are the performances from Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, and Ben Mendelssohn. Oh, and Darth Vader makes a little appearance.

Full Rogue One Review:


Moana $11.5M

With just a 37% drop from last week, Moana comes in at number two. Moana is a terrific animated film, and kids are going out in droves with their parents to check it out. The money being made for Disney this year is incredible.

Full Moana Review:


Office Christmas Party $8M

The Christmas friendly release drops 50% to take just 8 million in its second weekend. I really thought this film would perform better, especially with all the Rogue One sellouts, I’d think an R rated comedy would be decent counter programming. It really didn’t benefit from any Rogue One run off. Considering it beat a new release, it can be considered a win.

Office Christmas Party full review:


Collateral Beauty $7M

Warner Brothers decided to release one of its “Oscar Bait” type films up against Rogue One. Too bad that it got panned by critics, despite world class performances across the board. Will Smith delivers here, better than ever before. It’s too bad no one saw it.

Collateral Beauty full review:


Fantastic Beasts $5M

We’re coming down towards the end of Fantastic Beasts theatrical run, and what a run it was. A $700 million world wide take. I can’t wait to see where this franchise goes from here.

Full Fantastic Beasts review:



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