“Collateral Beauty”-Review:

After a haunting tragedy, Howard (Will Smith) writes letters to Love, Death, and Time. A reply to these letters is the last thing he expected.

Collateral Beauty is a movie looking to get tears out of you. Frankly it did get some out of me, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Sure, this movie is getting slammed by critics. Too me its for all the wrong reasons. In the trailers Collateral Beauty comes across as three people who are considered about their friends well being. It’s not that at all. There’s more to the story. Whit (Edward Norton), Simon (Michael Peña), and Claire (Kate Winslet) all are trying to prove that Howard isn’t capable of running the company, so he can then sells his shares to save their company. In order to do so, they hire three actors Brigitte (Helen Mirren), Amy (Keira Knightly), and Raffi (Jacob Latimore) to play Death, Love, and Time respectively. That’s in the first third of the movie, it’s hard to actually review it without actually going into the true plot.

The acting from top to bottom is top notch, and world class. Will Smith delivers a heartbreaking, powerful, and emotional performance. It rivals his turn in Pursuit of Happiness for me. You saw the tears welling up in his eyes in every scene. You feel his hurt, and his love for his deceased daughter. If you put anyone else in this role, who knows how it turns out. It’s an Oscar worthy performance.

Helen Mirren continues being one of the best to ever do it. She plays her character of Death very well, and as her true character of Brigitte with such humanity. She has to pull of playing Death, while being a struggling actor in New York. She develops a relationship with Simon, as he struggles with his own hardships. Peña crushes it as well. Truly heartbreaking too. Keira Knightley and Ed Norton also develop a relationship out side of Amy working for Whit. Knightley is great in everything, and that didn’t change in this case. Whit is struggling to have a relationship with his daughter, and Amy really inspires him to go for it.

Collateral Beauty takes you on a very emotionally draining journey. Definitely one worth taking. Naomi Harris and Will Smith have powerful scenes together that make this film worth seeing. On that fact alone it’s worth it, but every performance is stellar, and the story was one worth telling.


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