“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”-Review:

The Rebellion risks their lives by trying to steal the plans for the Death Star, what comes next is a space saga never to be forgotten.

Rogue One has to be the most anticipated films of the year. The prequel to A New Hope, will give the in depth characterization of that famous scene where Vader demands “those rebels” alive. Rogue One is the journey of those Rebels. With Gareth Edwards at the helm, you know this will be visually breathtaking, as was Godzilla, his previous film. Felicity Jones is the star, playing Jyn Erso, a leader of this Rebellion. From the trailers at least, she looks to have some sort of handle on this role. She’s a world class actress, so I’m pretty sure she’ll knock this out of the park. Edwards has said in interviews that his film will bring the “War” out of Star Wars. That’s an intriguing idea, I can’t wait to see how this film plays out. Oh, and Darth Vader will be making an appearance. Whether you’re a casual fan of Star Wars, or a die hard, the release of a new film always brings people together.

Rogue One is a breathtaking film. Gareth Edwards doesn’t waste a single shot. The wars scenes are incredibly shot. The scope of it is so large, but Edwards takes you through every aspect of this war. You never feel lost in the action, which some inexperienced directors may make you feel. I can’t speak highly enough of Edwards direction. He gets great performances out of his actors across the board, and obviously I’ve spoken on the visuals. He really brings that war time feel to Star Wars.

The performances are stellar, particularly from Felicity Jones. The struggle her character goes through requires a powerful actress. She really brought it. There’s a few scenes where you really see her chops. The other standout here is Diego Luna, who plays a rebel captain. The rapport he has with Jyn is what keeps the movie going in some of its slower moments. Luna really wears those battle scars well. You see how it has affected him, this constant war with the Empire. From the other side you have Ben Mendelson as Orson Krennic. He’s menacing, and an overbearing villain. There isn’t anyone better than Mendelssohn to strike fear into you, and make you uneasy at the same time.

The supporting cast of Rebels is solid too. Riz Ahmed plays a pilot, Forest Whitaker plays Saw Gurrera an extremist rebel. Ahmed was good in a limited role, it was good to see him getting more work post his big hit on “The Night Of”. Whitaker is doing a real high pitched voice, but it isn’t as jarring as it is when you hear it the first time. Donnie Yen plays a blind force believer. His work here is top notch. The way he works his fight sequences has you entranced.

Of course you see some Darth Vader, and when you do it makes its mark. Seeing Vader again was mesmerizing. Just as menacing now, if not more so. Also seeing Tarkin was fun, the work they did to bring that character back was a feat in itself.

Rogue One is a great flick. Action packed from start to finish, with that big fight feel. The feeling of war, that we haven’t felt in this franchise yet. Rogue One was a war film first, but when Edwards brought you back to that nostalgia, he doesn’t miss.


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