“Box Office Report: December 9-11”

Moana $18.8M

Moana manages to three peat at number one. I am a little surprised by this, solely due to the release of Office Christmas Party. I thought this was prime real estate for a Christmas comedy, but Moana is a strong champion at the moment. There’s no knocking off a strong animated film, if the competition is shaky at best. Shaky meaning no true blockbuster to dethrone it. I think it’s safe to say that this is Moana’s last weekend at number one. That little Star Wars movie is coming out this week.

Full Moana Review:


Office Christmas Party $17.5M

This weeks most noteworthy release couldn’t quite dethrone Moana. It was pretty close. I just though that it’d perform better, maybe in the $20-25M range. It’s hard not to be a little disappointed by this result if you’re the studio.

Office Christmas Party full review:


Fantastic Beasts $10.7M

Fantastic Beasts has been a money printing machine. $480M world wide thus far. It’s unreal, WB has to be thrilled to have the DCEU and this franchise going at the same time.

Full Fantastic Beasts review:


Arrival $5.6M

Arrival has now nearly doubled its $47M budget. It’s great to see how much word of mouth spread about this film. It’s been out for around a month and a half, to see it still in the top five is a feat.

Full Arrival Review:


Doctor Strange $4.6M

$645M worldwide, that’s an incredible haul. People go out in droves for that third, fourth, or even fifth viewing as the release winds down. Doctor Strange has infinite rewatch ability.

Full Doctor Strange Review:



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