“Miss Sloane”-Review:

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain)is one of the most powerful lobbyist in Washington. Sloane embarks on what seems like an insurmountable task, the 2nd Amendment, and she will do whatever it takes to conquer it.

Miss Sloane is an enthralling political thriller. We haven’t had a really solid one for a while. Political thrillers are one of my favorite genres. Watching everything that goes on in Washington is fascinating to me, and Miss Sloane provides an in depth look at lobbyists that I found thought provoking. Watching Chastain do whatever it takes to get the votes to push this gun safety bill through was a ride. She is vindictive, cynical, and truly cold. Her performance is really close to how Washington truly is. She brings that political power play mentality to the forefront. The tit for tat game to take down your opposition is what this film thrives on. Sloane and her right winged opponents stop at nothing to put their respective sides over the top.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is the other standout star here. She plays Esme, who works side by side with Sloane on this bill. Her performance is powerful, and at times heartbreaking. She gets put through the ringer at all angles, and Mbatha-Raw conveys that emotion beautifully. Mark Strong plays the head of the organization that hires Sloane, and he also brings it. He’s a very ethical guy, and some of Sloane’s actions put him in a bad spot. That struggle, makes his character compelling, Strong does well here. The last performance I’ll touch on is Allison Pill, who worked closely with Sloane. As the film progresses, you watch her character develop based on this senate bill. It’s hard to go into that progression without giving away big chunks of the story, but her character drops a bomb.

Miss Sloane is a smart, enthralling, and tense political thriller. When the other shoe drops, it’s a bit contrived, but it’s a feel good moment nonetheless. I enjoyed Miss Sloane quite a bit. If you’re into political thrillers, and slow burn type of films this is worth a watch.


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