“Spider-Man: Homecoming”- Trailer Review:

If there’s one movie that people can’t deny looking forward to next year it’s the new Spider-Man reboot. Tom Holland was sensational in Civil War, and you could see the hold that he has on the character. The new trailer dropped today, and that understanding of the character is more apparent now than ever.

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. have a great back and forth. You saw that in the brief interactions in Civil War, and when the trailer opens up you see them talking in a cab. Downey looks to have a bigger role in this than I previously thought. It looks like he’s the father figure that Parker will be longing for after the inevitable happens to his Uncle. Slowly, that relationship will be the most compelling in the MCU.

There’s some really good action sequences here as well. There’s some criminals robbing a bank in Avengers masks and of course Spider-Man let’s them have it. Holland has that persona down, and it looks like the movie will be more of that wit and banter.

The true stand out here is Michael Keaton. Man does he bring it as The Vulture. Keaton seems menacing enough to be credible here. You could see Keaton as more of a comedic character in a movie like this, but it really seems that he has the villainous performance in him.

Holland is surrounded by great talent in this film. Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton are going to make his job really easy. Seeing Spidey and Ironman flying through the air, even for a second makes gives every nerd chills. 2017 is going to be great.

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