“Box Office Report December 2-4”

Moana $28.4M

The post Thanksgiving box office tends to be slow. Moana faced no competition this week. The more I see Moana, the more I believe that this will be a top ten movie of the year for me. The music is most likely going to be recognized at the Academy Awards, and its quality will be recognized atop the charts. Disney has another massive hit on its hands, Moana has crossed the $115M mark here in the states. We should thank Disney for the quality and consistency, my guess is they’d reply with a simple you’re welcome.

Full Moana Review:


Fantastic Beasts $18.5M

We’ll most likely see Fantastic Beasts hanging around until the end of January or maybe even mid February. It’ll linger around the top five for a really long time. WB was saying they’d wait and see before announcing they’d go forward with their five film plan for the franchise. With a $183.5M domestic haul thus far, there’s no questioning the franchise potential here.

Full Fantastic Beasts review:


Arrival $7.3M

It’s really good to see Arrival climbing the top five ranks. Last week finishing at number five, its rose to the third place spot. It’s taken a $73M so far and it looks like it’s improving as the weeks go by. Only decreasing from eleven, to seven million is a feat. That’s not much when you’ve been in the theater for a number of weeks.

Full Arrival Review:


Allied $7M

Stateside Allied has only made about $29M. Allied is a lot better than the low take its hauled in. I believe it should be seen, the performances and direction make this something worth your time.

Full Allied Review:


Doctor Strange $6.5M

$215M is the domestic haul so far. Insane for a virtually unknown property to the masses. You have to have respect for Marvel, taking some unknown properties and marketing them properly, getting people to come out in droves. Doctor Strange is a blast.

Full Doctor Strange Review:



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