“Box Office Report: November 25-27”

Moana $55M

Disney dominates the box office once again. Moana’s five day haul of just over 80 million puts it second all time in Thanksgiving openings. Only Frozen has made more in the five day weekend. Disney has been a money making machine this year. With Civil War over the summer, and Rogue One soon to be released, Disney has had close to a banner year in 2016. Doesn’t hurt that Moana is the best animated film of the year either.

Full Moana Review:


Fantastic Beasts $45M

The Harry Potter follow up comes in second this weekend. People were going to flock to the theater to see this film. Whether it was to be a part of the conversation, or they are fans of the wizarding world Fantastic Beasts is crushing it.

Full Fantastic Beasts review:


Doctor Strange $13.3M

Marvel constantly stays at the top of the box office. Doctor Strange has done very well, now crossing $200M. There’s no ceiling on these marvel movies.

Full Doctor Strange Review:


Allied $13M

This has to be the surprise this weekend. A Brad Pitt film coming in way under expectations. It cost $85M to make, without a good overseas haul, the studio is going to lose a ton of money.

Full Allied Review:


Arrival $11M

It’s good to see people are still checking this one out. For the people who have seen it, they know it’ll take a couple viewings to get a grasp of it. The audience seems to agree.

Full Arrival Review:


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