“Box Office Report: November 18-20”

Fantastic Beasts $75M

As the case with Doctor Strange a few weeks ago, there’s no surprise atop the box office. The return to the wizarding world takes in a big $75 million dollars. This is only the beginning as it will crush over seas, and take in a bunch more domestically. I don’t have to tell you how popular J.K. Rowling’s world is, she knocks it out of the park with Fantastic Beasts.

Full Fantastic Beasts review:


Doctor Strange $17.6M

Marvel continues to throw conventional wisdom out the window. You’d think that a Guardians of the Galaxy movie wouldn’t perform well in comparison. It crushed, as did this film. This movie got people excited for the future of Doctor Strange in his own franchise, and in the rest of the MCU.

Full Doctor Strange Review:


Trolls $17.5M

Dreamworks definitely has another franchise on their hands. Trolls has taken in $116M domestically. That’s a great haul to start an animated franchise. With How to Train your Dragon also over at Dreamworks, it’s quietly becoming a mainstay in animated films every year.

Full Trolls Review:


Arrival $11.8M

It’s good to see this film sticking around. It’s one of the best of this year, and Arrival is really thought provoking. It’s the Inception of this year. Dennis Villeneuve directs another world class film. He’s yet to make anything that isn’t sensational.

Full Arrival Review:


Almost Christmas $7M

These Christmas movies always do well around the holidays. It’s no surprise that this is still hanging around. Almost Christmas will be swallowed up by the time more of the Oscar movies are released.

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