“Box Office Report November 11-13”

Doctor Strange $43M

For the second straight weekend Marvel’s newest installment tops the box office. This is no surprise considering Arrival was its only competition. Doctor Strange is a welcome addition to this ever expanding universe. Watching Cumberbatch play off of Downey, Hemsworth and Evans down the line will be some of the best banter we’ve seen. Some food for thought, Disney has made $2.31 billion dollars, marking its highest domestic box office gross ever.

Full Doctor Strange Review:


Trolls $35M

Trolls is another big winner this weekend. To be so far removed from the height of this property’s popularity and make $95M domestically in two weeks is amazing. This movie put Trolls back on the map, and another franchise at the forefront for Dreamworks animation.

Full Trolls Review:


Arrival $24M

Arrival is going to go down as one of the years best. When you say that sometimes, there’s an expectation that the movie won’t make much money. $24M is a really good take for this film. Up against stiff competition, it was going to be hard to come in the top two. To make this amount should be considered a win for Paramount.

Full Arrival Review:


Almost Christmas $15M

When these ensemble Christmas comedies get released every year they always make decent money. Love the Coopers which was released last year made $26M domestically. This looks to be on track to make a little more.

Hacksaw Ridge $10.7M

Mel Gibson’s return has gotten him awards buzz, and critical praise. I loved this movie, Garfield loses himself into the powerful heroism of Desmond Doss. The action is visceral and true to the devastating Battle of Okinawa.

Full Hacksaw Ridge Review



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