“Box Office Report November 4-6”

Doctor Strange $85M

No surprise here as the newest addition to the MCU crushes the weekend box office. As a more unknown superhero property, it just cements the idea that Marvel can put out anything and it will crush monetarily. Doesn’t hurt that the movie is an absolute blast. From Cumberbatch’s performance to Scott Derrickson’s visual flare, you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

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Trolls $45.6M

There hasn’t been an animated film out for awhile. Trolls was going to bring in a ton of money no matter what was coming out. Justin Timberlake’s song for the film “Can’t stop the Feeling” has been played all over the radio. You have that built in audience of people who have played with the toys. Those three factors have it taking in a great haul this weekend.

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Hacksaw Ridge $14.7M

Mel Gibson’s return to the directors chair gets him third at this weekend’s box office. The battle scenes here are visceral and brutal. Garfield’s performance is the best of his career and he should be in the Oscar conversation for sure.

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Boo! A Madea Halloween $7.8M

People are still flocking to the theater to see this. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, these Madea movies have their audience and they are loyal.

Inferno $6.2M

Inferno has made bank overseas, and hasn’t done anything domestically. It’s at $185M in total. The film has only taken in $26M of that here in the states.

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